[Ficlet] Last Breath


Last Breath

by astituidt || Ficlet 131 word counted || Family & Angst‘s genre || General rated ||

Starring, Lee Hi  x Her Mom

inspired by Lee Hi’s song, Breath


“It’s okay if your breath gets short
No one is blaming you”

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[Drabble] The Aftermath


The Aftermath

astituidt present! || Drabble 100 word counted || Romance & Angst‘s genre || PG 15 rated ||

Starring, Kim Jinhwan [iKON] x Claire Jung [Rizuki‘s OC]

a part of 100 Ways to Say “I Love You”


“Don’t cry.”


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[Ficlet] Desperate Boyfriend


Desperate Boyfriend


astituidt present! || Ficlet 212 word counted || Romance‘s genre || PG 15 rated ||

Starring, Lee Seunghoon [WINNER] x Jung Chanhee [OC]

Mentioned, Jung Claire [Rizuki’s OC] & Jung Chanwoo [iKON]

“Ada yang berani menolong Seunghoon?”

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[Prompt Fiction] (Not) The Two Of Us


(Not) The Two Of us

astituidt present! || Ficlet 337 word counted || Romance, Sad, Hurt/Comfort & Angst‘s genre || PG 17 rated ||

Starring, Song Mino [WINNER] x Ken [OC]

Based from Ren’s Prompt:

“Alasanku menyukaimu? Karena itu kamu. Hanya kamu. Itulah satu-satunya alasannya.”

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