[Ficlet] A Letter to U (Special Tribute to Taehyun of WINNER)


Cast : Nam Taehyun

Genre : Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Duration : Ficlet (± 450 words) | Rating : General

a fic by : Aoko Cantabile 


In your world, there wasn’t any place for me

Out of sudden, I took a place because of some feelings

As time passes, that place was getting smaller so I got scared

But still I like you

_Nam Taehyun ; I’m Young


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[Drabble] Siapa Disana?

20160306122443Siapa Disana?

Present By Zifanfan

Starring With:

Nam Taehyun (WINNER)

Horror, Mysteri

Rating: PG – 13

Disclaimer: FF ini terinspirasi dari salah satu Episode di Drama Midnight Diner yang dibintangi Taehyun sendiri. Selebihnya murni dari pikiran saya. Jika ada kesamaan dengan FF lain, itu hanyalah ketidaksengajaan. Semua Cast dalam FF ini milik masing masing.

Don’t Copy Paste!

Happy Reading…

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[Ficlet] HERS

HERS (fix version)


Cast : Gong Minji & Lee Chaerin (Minzy & CL 2NE1)

Slight Cast : Sandara Park & Park Bom of 2NE1, Nam Taehyun of WINNER

 #just mention their names

Genre : AU, Friendship, Sad, Hurt, Horror, Slice of Life, OOC,

Duration : Ficlet (± 411 words) | Rating : PG

a fic by : Aoko Cantabile

read also : IT , YOURS, MINE, HIM ,THEY


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[Ficlet] MINE

Mine (fix version)


Cast : Kim Jennie (Jennie YNGG), Nam Taehyun (Taehyun WINNER) & I

Slight Cast : Kim Jinwoo (Jinwoo WINNER), Gong Minji (Minzy 2NE1)

#just mention their names

Genre : AU, Love Life, Dark, Psycho, Crime, OOC & a little bit Fantasy

Duration : Ficlet (± 842 words) | Rating : PG-15

a fic by : Aoko Cantabile 

read also : IT , YOURS


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[Ficlet] FATUM

FATUM (fix version)


Scriptwriter : Aoko Cantabile [ @watashiwaisti ]

Main Cast : Kim Jinwoo (Jinwoo Winner), Moon Byul (Mamamoo)

Slight Cast : Kim Jennie (Jennie of YGNGG), Nam Taehyun (Taehyun Winner)

<just mention their names>

Genre : Fantasy, AU, Crossover, Love Life, Romance, OOC

Duration : Ficlet (± 659 words)

Rating: PG-12 (for some harsh words)

Disclaimer :

I just own my storyline.

The casts belong to GOD, YG Entertainment and themselves.

Don’t judge story by title & poster!!

Let’s Read & Review !!!


_You are my sun and I am your moon.

[Aoko Cantabile ; Fatum[1]]


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